5 Star Magazine!

Facts, fantasy, fun!


Welcome to… the 5 Star Magazine blog!

This is a blog about the fun magazine I have been making for the past 4 years.  It’s super fun, with lots of fun and facts for the whole family!  You can view a FREE copy of my magazine on the “Free Sample Copy” page if you would like to get a taste of my magazine.   :)

Are you a newcomer or a subscriber? Look below for pages on this blog you may like to read!

If you are a subscriber to the magazine, great! Look around at all the cool pages and comment* if you would like!

If you are here for the first time, welcome! You can look at a free issue copy on the “Free Sample Copy” page, look at the post page and my recent entries, look at the pages of my magazine and what they are about, and just feel yourself around.  The magazine I make is for the whole family, and I would like to expand it to spread the joy of a fun magazine!

Feel free to comment*!! You can comment about the entire blog in the box below, or comment on any entry or page.  Look around! I would love it if you followed the blog.

I really hope you enjoy my blog and contact me at fivestarmagazine@yahoo.com if you have any questions, or are interested in subscribing!  :)

Thanks for visiting!

*Note that comments will be edited for spelling, punctuation, and content.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi! I really like your new format & informative articles, but the yellow print is a bit hard to read. Hope you are well & busy as ever, I’m sure! Ramona

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